What is a good college for Music Education around northern NJ?

fluteblue2 asked:

I’m currently a freshman in college majoring in music education. I’m having doubts about my current school, so I want to start looking into other colleges in case I decide that transferring is the right option for me.

What are some schools that meet as many of these as possible?:

-Must be no more than 3 hours from northern NJ (pretty much limits that to NJ, eastern PA, and southeastern NY)

-Must have a good music program, music ed specifically (Although I’ve improved quiet a bit in the last year since I auditioned, the schools I was accepted to last time were: The College of NJ, Lebanon Valley, Gettysburg College. I feel the last two were a little below my ability level)

-I would prefer a school that placed more focus on arts than liberal arts

-I originally didn’t want anything in a big city, but I’m opening up to the idea a little…I do live an hour from NYC

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Preparing to get my Masters in Music Education?

timbobandit asked:

Hey guys, I’m a sophomore at a liberal arts school. I’m currently getting my B.A. in Education with a concentration in Music.

My question is, will that be enough to get me into a good Masters program for Music Education? Should I transfer to a music school and get a B.M. in Music Ed instead?
I should probably note that I’m from NY and my B.A. is in Early Childhood education. I’m looking to be the primary music teacher at an elementary school (ie. teach the general music class as well as maybe lead an ensemble).

My question is really, will a good music school (Im particularly looking at Crane in Potsdam, NY, but I know it’s very competitive) laugh me out the door because I don’t have a B.M.? Would a B.A. in EC Education even leave me eligible to go to music school for my masters?

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Music conservatories?

Rockerbaby asked:

I’ll be entering my junior year of high school in about a month. This is the year that our counsellors really drill us about college stuff. I’m most likely going to end up majoring in either music theory & composition, or music education. Can anyone reccomend universities/colleges that have good music programs? I don’t care where it is; I kind of want to go to school out of state anyway. If anyone could help me out, that’d be great.
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Which Universities have the best teacher education program?

Jessi asked:

I’m planning transfering to a university after I get my associate’s at community college. I major in elementary education and special education and my fiance in high school music education.

I’m looking for the top teacher education programs. I’ve searched and searched for unbiased sources but without much luck.

Also, I have no idea which state I want to teach in, and I might even teach abroad. So, a school that is flexible about transfering credits, and doesn’t just try to keep graduates in-state would be ideal.
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What degree in music education do you need to become a high school band director?

Tommy D asked:

I was wondering if you need at least a masters or does a bachelors degree work. also is there a difference in starting salaries if you have a higher degree

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Can a music education student teach only music history in the schools upon completion of a BME?

jayy asked:

I am a music education student and really enjoy music history, or as it is now known as musicology. I want to know can I teach only Music History in the public schools (Or be a clinican) to the public schools in Music History?. How can I go about this?. I would appreciate advice from a music teacher in the public school system or other music teachers. No jokes, serious only please. Thank you.

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What are some good schools for music education around the Ohio area?

Lauren asked:

I want to end up teaching/directing an orchestra in a high school. I would be majoring on violin. If anyone knows anything about the violin professor and the head of music ed that would be helpful as well.

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What are some good schools for music education in the Midwest?

Miss Marauder asked:

I plan on focusing in choral/general music ed, but I want to teach high school choir. Also, I’m looking for a school with a good academic reputation as well.

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What are some really great schools in the Northeast area for music education?

motsy asked:

I’m a junior in high school who recently took the AP Music Theory Exam and feel confident about music and understanding its theory. I plan on going into music education, but i need to find some colleges. I want a college that is not performance based.

Currently, i have Ithaca School of Music, West Chester, and Westminster Choir College on my list. I’m not looking for huge schools, but i don’t mind if they’re on the list. Thanks

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Which school has a better music education program?

xD asked:

University of Wisconsin (Madison) or University of Wisconsin (Eau Claire)? What are your experiences with one program or the other?

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Transfer student in music education: what schools are best?

rltfish asked:

I’m considering transferring because of finances. I’m a sophomore music education major, clarinet player. Some schools I’ve looked at transferring to are:
Ohio State
Brigham Young University
Louisiana State
Indiana University-Bloomington

I’m looking for average tuition costs and a good music program. Any I should add to the list to look at or any of the above that are great/not great?

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What is the best school in the southeast region to go to get a degree in music education?

)-: I’m the Ugly Ducking :-( asked:

I need a good college choice and I’m having a hard time finding some that fit my needs.

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If I’m a music major, can I claim my private music lessons as an education expense when I file my taxes?

Stephanie W asked:

I’m going to school for music education and am seeing a private teacher for voice & piano lessons. Is this tax deductible?
It’s only $94/month. Would it even make a big difference in my tax situation?
Bostonian…. I’m not talking about education credits. I’m talking about when I file my taxes at the end of the year. Can I claim my lessons as an education EXPENSE?

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I’m auditioning for music school at FSU and UF soon; any tips?

Lynn asked:

I will be auditioning for music school at the University of Florida on February 17th and at Florida State Universiy on the 24th. I will be either majoring in Music Education or Vocal Performance (as long as I get accepted). I will be performing 2 Italian pieces, an English folk song, and a short french piece. I’ve never done this before. Can anyone tell me what to expect or give me any tips? It would be very much appreciated! Thanks in advance!

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